Upper level athletics are defined by inches and seconds. Those tiny differences are what separate a touchdown from a tackle, a dunk from a block, a completion from an interception, and a goal from a save. That’s why as elite athletes strive to optimize their health and function and why physical therapy can be such an integral part of their training program.

Physical therapy, particularly in connection with athletics, is often thought of as part of the recovery/rehabilitation process following an injury or surgical procedure. While this is true in many cases, physical therapy can also be used as part of an integrated training regiment that helps elite athletes prepare for an upcoming competition or event, maintain their fitness levels during the course of a season, or even as a preventative measure against potential injuries.

While the benefits of physical therapy as a recovery tool may be clear, there are several reasons why incorporating physical therapy into the regular training program of elite athletes an pay dividends:

  • You can’t perform if you’re not on the field. Quickly and safely recovering from injuries allows athletes to return to play quicker and work towards their individual and team goals.

  • Prevention of injuries becomes much more important in these high level athletes because missing time from practice and games can result in millions of dollars and end careers. A proper injury prevention program based specifically on their sport can reduce the risk of injuries and missing time.

  • A therapist can identify the tiny little biomechanical flaws that can separate the regular athletes from the elite performers. As movement specialists, we are trained to identify and correct inefficiencies in the body that can not only prevent injury but improve performance.

At RISE Physical Therapy, we take great pride in our ability to elevate the performance of any athlete with sports rehabilitation treatment. Our specialized treatment programs are focused on helping elite athletes improve their flexibility, stability, strength, speed, power, balance, agility, and coordination.

If you’re a high-level athlete in the San Diego area looking to get an edge, get in touch with RISE Physical Therapy today!