The expression may be new to most, but for RISE it has a sense of nostalgia. Our owner, Dr. Navid Hannanvash, DPT, ATC, CSCS, FAFS grew up spending most of his youth on a basketball court and attributes the lessons he learned on the court to origins of many of the foundational principles RISE Physical Therapy was built on.

Throughout our experience in the community we have been fortunate enough to meet David Corsi and the Solana Beach Cats organization. Many of the principles that RISE Physical Therapy believes in are pillars in the Cats community. Commitment. Loyalty. Community. Trust. Family. It is through these pillars that we have established a relationship with the Solana Beach Cats and the California Bearcats organizations.

Our relationship has been widespread and all encompassing. Speaking to the teams about injury prevention and sports-specific training, hosting basketball specific performance clinics, rehabilitating injured players and family members, developing injury prevention programs for individuals and groups, and being a community resource for all players and families are some of the ways we have continued our relationship.

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